Minstrel at Britain's Got Talent

Minstrel at Britain's Got Talent

The Minstrel at BGT

This blog has been set up to tell the story of what happened when The Wandering Minstrel went to Britain's Got Talent.
The aim of this adventure was to draw attention to his unique style of tribute song by performing them for major celebrities and to offer the idea of this being produced as a TV series. Over the coming weeks I will post images, and videos of the different days I spent at Britain's Got Talent in both Birmingham and London. I will tell of the characters that I met who were auditioning on the day, I will showcase not only the tribute songs that I sang for the judges, ant and Dec and Stephen Mulherne, but also the tribute song that I wrote for Vera Lynn's 100th Birthday which was to be my semi final piece and the tribute to The Royal Family which was to be my final piece. I hope that you will get involved and comment on the page and share it with your friends. Also if you auditioned for Britain's Got Talent 2017 feel free to post pictures or stories of your experience. Was it a positive experience for you would you do it again.

Stephen Mulherne

Britain's Got talentPosted by Mike Collins Mon, May 29, 2017 12:36:08
The first tribute song that I performed at Britain's got talent 2017 was for Stephen Mulherne, the host of Britain's got more talent. The song was one of those that just came out naturally. I had just finished writing the lyrics for a client, and it was 2am, I was so tired. I made the decision that I could not start Stephen's song, and it would have to wait until the net day. Just as I walked into the bedroom, the melody for the first line and the words came into my head. "Stephen Mulherne, when will you ever learn?"
I already knew that I was going to focus on the catchphrase "Unbelievable" How could everything be unbelievable?
Over the next few minutes the song just fell in to place and it was completely finished within 10 minutes
When I got into the Britain's got more talent temporary studio area, it wasn't long before I realised what the aim of this segment really was.
Stephen Mulherne went right up to the camera and said the words "Friar Tuck"
I realised then that the aim of this segment was to take the mickey out of me.
Luckily, because I had prepared the song about Stephen, I took control. As the song started I could see that something was changing slowly. The producer / assistant was still egging him on to play his guitar which turned out to be an inflatable one.
No, said Stephen "This is good" Isn't this the theory behind what I do, Everyone thinks that a song about them is good, everyone. After I did the main audition Stephen made a point of speaking to me and congratulating me for "Storming It"
You can hear Stephen Mulherne's song here

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Songs from BGT

Britain's Got talentPosted by Mike Collins Sun, May 28, 2017 00:36:16
I have been champing at the bit to reveal the songs that I sang at my Britain's Got Talent auditions. I sang one to the judges, one to Ant and Dec and one to Stephen Mulherne, I also prepared tribute songs to Vera Lynn and the Royal family.
You can stream the songs for free or you can buy the album or individual songs here

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